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Cute Cats and Gray Hair!

Cute Cats and Gray Hair! These are the words I keep using to summarize the last 7 years of my life without any emotions. The fact of the matter is there is a lot of emotions and a lot of baggage (literally and figuratively) that accompany the experience of your first apartment. I've been told that 7 years is fairly long to stay in your first apartment. I agree as my place was over the LIRR I lived on the top floor, apartment 7C and every time the train went by my toaster tray would rattle. I kid you not! :/ I hated that and now it will be one of the things I'll cherish from there.

The truth is I found a lot about myself in those walls. I found that I have the balls for what it takes to get up on stage and sing for a room full of people I don't know. It all started with CPW = Cabaret Performance Workshop, with the brilliant Helen Baldassarie. I gained the strenght and a friend to let me get up on stage and sing in a cabaret club. Kristen then lived with me for a while and I…

Productivity :)

I was so unbelievably productive today I can't believe it despite the heat. I think the disgusting weather was pushing me forward to a cool, relaxing shower in my mind. I spent close to 2 hours in the library and was then on my way to Queens. I packed as much as I possibly could without passing out! Literally!! It was HOT in the apartment that when I left the A/C had not even started to cool the place off. Pack a box, sit in front of the A/C with a glass of water. Slow but I did manage to pack most of my linen closet. The heat is totally messing around with my internal thermometer but I have to pack because July 22, will be here before I know it and then I can take a day to lay in the coolth of the A/C in my new place. My new place is my old place or my safety spot in tag. Home. That's right for the mean time I will be living in my old room, with some new flair my two kitty babes, Rocket and Rescue. We will stay here till I am more settled with my self and than we will have a …