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"Kicking Ass and Taking Names"

I put quotes around "Kicking Ass and Taking Names" because it is something a great friend of mine always says. I am not taking other people's bull anymore. That is it for Mrs. Nice Girl and taking empty promises. So if you do that to me, expect that you are not going to be part of my positive life style.

I have learned a lot about people and friendships while I was in the hospital. I had time to think about friends and family. Friends are the family that you choose for yourself. Nevertheless, when those members start to treat you lousy, you are not obligated to keep them. Do not keep things that bring you down, or make you feel bad about yourself! Stay positive and light and you will be happier.

Family is blood and you may disagree or even hate them, but you stick by them because they are your family. They unlike toxic 'friends' will be there no matter what. When your friends are not there for you, you know they are not true friends, and perhaps it is time to just…