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To Live Through September With a CHD

As a child, I always called September “hell month”.I called it this because I like other CHDer’s grew up with learning disabilities.What does this have to do with September and the name I chose?Well it is when school began again and it was scary to have to deal with a new teacher/s and explain that you have a learning problem, and give them notes from your cardiologist on the days you were absent.These were fears that ran through my mind at the beginning of the year.
As years went on and everyone knew me, and 2 or 3 or 4 surgeries later, you get over this because you realize any month can be “hell” not just September.You become acutely aware that at any moment that shoe could drop and eventually it will.I also began to look at it objectively.Realizing that should the shoe drop, it is not a foreign experience, and I would conquer through just like all the times prior.Tough if the teacher had to make an accommodation for me because I was absent due to a cardiology appointment.What was th…