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Hey Old Friend

Today I had a lovely day. I went to see my counselor Amy and it's great that we can pick up where we left off say 15 years ago! We can chill and watch a TV show and know what the other's thinking. It has not been weird at all to reconnect with her, except that I have gained 2 inches in height on her! But I still love her like a sister and will always have her back and she definitely caught mine in my family's time of need. She was close with my brother 20 years ago, so she knows that I'm in pain and she takes care of me like I'm her family and I do for her!! We had a great day of chilling and healing today. The good thing is that there's always more time to do that.

I did all this today and spent a lot of time with an old friend, which is so vitally important, but I did not do yoga & meditation for the year yet. This leaves me 6 more days to get two yoga and meditation sessions in. I'm trying for tomorrow or Wednesday depending on errands and defini…

Happy New Year! Blog year 2.

I did not realize how long it's been since I've blogged. I've had a lot to say, but was a bit scared to put it out there. I realize nowI don't have to and can write but not publish it to Face Book, or just write in my journal.

I start this year smarter and stronger than I started last year. Obviously I will NEVER get over the tragic loss of my older brother Andrew. I do dream about him quite often which is a source of comfort, but is always a disappointment when I wake up and realize the reality, that is a constant source of pain which we all feel responsible for.

I did however do a lot of self work and inner soul searching. Every year people make resolutions. How many of those stick? I'm not making resolutions, because I will be the first one to drop the ball on one. This year I will change 2 things in my life that can be measured and if I fall off, I can always get back on. I really enjoy yoga, but have not done it in months. I will include yoga 2 days out of the…