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What It Really Feels Like

What does it really feel like to have a CHD? Well not great all the time. There's constant let down in life as doctors figure out how to treat us adults. There is a lot of trial and error medically based which is why I say I'm in 'Generation Guinea Pig'! My first memory was my mom changing my younger brother's diaper and telling me that when we got back home from vacation I was going for a cardiac cath. So I'm 4 1/2 years old. I don't recall crying which I was told I did but I already knew what a cath was it wasn't new to me. Neither was my addiction to Annie the Musical, my mothers voice or my desire to sing like them be on stage and be a mommy when I grew up. I wanted to sing and be a mom as a grown up and of course I'd have a cute husband.
When mom, David and I walked to the beach my father was there with Andrew who was just told about my going to the hospital too. In those days we were pals and he found me a sea shell- my favorite. 

31 years later…

Returning to Kindergarten

I am reminded of a life lesson that I think we all know. No matter what is going on, transitions in life and changes in our daily schedules can be tough at first!  

Today, I returned to Kindergarten as a student teacher in my elementary school. It was a bit of an outer body experience. The people are different. There are lockers where there used to be cubbies and I'm tall compared to the students.  Tall for the first time of my life!  Ha ha. 

As I walked with the kids down the hall or to the staff lounge, I could not believe that the clip-clop of shoes I heard on the floor were attached to my child size feet. I instantly was filled with pride and forgot about the teachers and times I did not like. It was a Special Education teacher at this school who told me I'd never get into college or become anything. Well it was this statement that has propelled me to work harder than anyone else I knew!! 

Returning to your old school for Kindergarten is humbling and poignant at this time of …