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I had my very first belly tap to get rid of ascites. I am starting to feel better from the tap in my belly for asites; no one told me it would make my BP bottom to 90/30 or, that I would hurt for so long after.

It was supposed to take place at one and did not take place until five that he even showed up? The NP told me not to eat. The doctor said it was fine to eat, but lunch and my appt, time were the same, she kept me NPO all day and then totally lied and started to argue with my mom, saying she was following the NPO order which no one had officially ordered. Only this Nurse Practitioner, who told me to "Wait" if it were a doctor’s order, would have been in my chart & a sign on my door.

Thank god for my mom! The doctor left right after he stuck me. The nurse would not check to see that I was training according her, “That’s Not My Job!" My mom cancelled her plans after that stayed to message my belly and have me move slightly until all three ugly liters were o…