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Next Monday

Hi all, I had a great doctors appointment yesterday. however I will be admitted overnight next Monday. we are not sure if it is for 1 night or 2 nights. Either way, visitors are welcome and I am getting bored! please feel free to contact me and stop Montifiore if you have a chance!! Shits & giggles are promised!! More details to come soon.


Hi Everyone,

What a crazy roller coaster the last two Weeks have been. All I can say is that I DON'T need a LIVER or a HEART TRANSPLANT!! :)

No better words than that. We do not know what is causing my symptoms but the fight is getting old. However now that we know what it is not it is time to look with a new pair of lenses, and re-evaluate everything. So knowing what it isn't and rejoicing in that gives me the strength for a few more rounds to figure out WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS.

Yes, I know I complained about my doctor this week, so what? She just has to help me get better, while I get a thicker skin. I'm a Greenberg, I can handle Little Miss UNcongeniality! If she's the worst part of this process, but she can help, as Andrew would say, "Let her"!!

I just can't believe how the doctors thought I needed these two procedures, I started the <3 transplant process and now I DON'T NEED IT!! It will be good holidays this year for us in that aspect!! HUGE NEWS


Slowly and Steadily?!...

I promised I would keep up my blog now that I'm having health issues. This morning I get a call from my cardiologist's secretary that from 12-2 tomorrow I'm going to me the "T" Team. I'll meet the transplant coordinator, the psychiatrist or psychologist, not sure which one, the person in charge of insurance and finances and finally the social worker. I will then see my doctor at 2:00 which was set up from last week.

This call took my breath away, but the positive is that I can meet them and have that part over with before starting testing next Friday. So as far as knowing if I'm on the list or not sounds like it will happen a LOT faster than we thought. After, I'm on the list who knows.

I will write about tomorrow. Tonight I just hope my exhaustion is more than my nerves and that I sleep.

xo- Ellen

A New Heart Filled Adventure

After a horrible time with my liver biopsy 3 weeks ago, we learned my liver was fine. This was after I had 3 liters tapped out of my abdomen and it was all bloody, showing a bleed from my liver into my abdomen. I ended up spending two nights in the ICU and one on the liver floor before leaving. We were so very lucky to get home before Hurricane Irene hit hard. Also my liver is fine!! Whew!

This does however mean that my heart is not :(. The doctors have tried all the diuretics and still I fill up. In fact this coming Thursday, I will have my 5th tap or parasentesis (sp?) since April. I'm not even nervous about it, which is sort of sick, because I've been so uncomfortable, especially at night that I'll do anything to feel some relief! Since the regime of trying different doses and different diuretics and constant belly taps is not an option for the rest of my life, my doctor is cautiously moving ahead.

Next week I begin some testing for an evaluation for the Heart Transplant…