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I wonder if anyone is really truely happy all the time? I'm happy part of the time.  My life is Not At All where I thought it would be at this stage in my life.  I did not think, I'd still be living at home a choice I made to get out of a bad situation 2 years ago.  I hadn't planned on being so sick which would've brought me home anyway.  I could think about all this and end it all but where would that get us? We already are like a million dollar jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece in the middle. Sort of like a tray of fresh tray of brownies, with the middle one missing, his favorite! LOL!!

But really what would that do? I'd never be able to get try to accomplish anything. I'm willing to learn and I feel that, that will be more life fulfilling.


  1. An intersting thing about a missing puzzle piece is that there is more room to move the other pieces around. And, we get to decide what that piece will look like and where it will go. We can put the pieces where we want them to land without worrying if it is proper or what others will think. Who wants to live in a cookie cutter kind of world anyways?

    It's easy to say good things will come to those who wait and that patience is a virtue, but who wants to hear that?! Go out there and make things happen, El. I know that you can and will do whatever you set your mind on....

    Long distance hugs!

    <3 Devann

  2. PS - If you ever need to talk, please feel free to contact. My life experiences are much different from yours, but I am always willing to listen. Keep those pieces close in your heart and memories.

    Dream big and reach high. You're an amazingly talented woman who is strong and determined, and I know you can overcome any obstacle!

    By the way, I miss the sound of your singing's been sooo long since I've heard it!


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